Our Story

The Inn had its beginnings in the early 90’s. Our main focus was and continues to be the unchurched members of our community: San Cristóbal Verapaz. We emphasize Christ centered family relationships, work related relationships and community relationships. We have concentrated our efforts on long range programs, such as education and community involvement, building a trust level with the local authorities and business establishments, which in turn opens doors enabling us to minister effectively in our society. Although we hold worship services here at the Inn, we don’t consider them to be our end; rather a means by which to equip the believers to be life givers in their neighborhoods.

In September of 1993 we purchased one acre of land on which to build the Inn, a refuge for those that find themselves beaten down on the Jericho Road. God has been faithful to bring many friends and neighbors to our gate for spiritual and emotional healing. The number of Inn Keepers has greatly increased since those small beginnings in 1993 ever expanding our circle of influence.

Initially Michael and LaTonya focused on evangelism but during that time they became aware of a much more urgent need. The Gospel message had arrived in Alta Verapaz (their state) in the 1940’s. The area was largely evangelized by newborn native Christians sent from other parts of the country. This made for rapid numerical growth of the evangelical church but not much maturity among believers.

A number of evangelical churches had been established in and around the San Cristóbal area. In any given service you would likely hear the powerful message of salvation over and over. What a wonderful beginning but what God began to show the Lewis´ was the great need for discipleship after the point of salvation. New birth was preached but growing into His likeness was not. Consistent and God-centered discipleship was virtually non-existent. This grieved Michael and LaTonya who were surrounded by a people oppressed by pagan superstitions, the culturally accepted norm of infidelity, fornication and an onslaught of addictive behaviors. They began to seek God concerning their purpose in His will for Guatemala.