What Reason do you Have to be Thankful Today?

I am to be thankful. It’s so easy to forget when I am so blessed to simply be thankful. I am blessed to live in one of the freest and richest nations on earth, I have a great family, and I have a fabulous job that I love! What’s not to be thankful for? But that’s the problem sometimes when you have so much. Thankfulness drops away and becomes entitlement and expectation.

This job at Inn Ministries reminds me so often to stop and be grateful. I fuss about one of my favorite pair of shoes wearing out and then I get a picture of a little boy with holes so big in his shoes that you can see his whole foot. Me, I have another 30 pair of shoes to pick from; him, bare feet are his only other option. Even the $2 that I spend on a book or app, pocket change for me and easily forgotten, can mean meals and life for a family in Guatemala. In Guatemala, a person can work for 14+ hours in a day and bring home $14-$15 for the full day’s work. It puts things into perspective very quickly.

I don’t say all of this to bring up feelings of guilt or to make anyone reading this feel horrible about having a good life. God in all His goodness has blessed me so much, but it is a critical reminder that I did not do anything to earn this life. So I must stop often and from the depths of my soul, thank God for His many blessings. I must humble myself before Him and do His work. Psalms 105:1-2 says “Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim His greatness. Let the whole world know what He has done. Sing to Him; yes, sing His praises. Tell everyone about His wonderful deeds.”

I must give credit to God, who gave me all that I have. He has given me these blessings not so I can overlook them, but so that I am in a position to proclaim His goodness and His wonderful deeds in my life. So I can work to know that when our ministry is able to bring the means to have safe drinking water to a poor family, clothe a little one with no shoes, or see a soul turned to Christ that the first thing that people think is not look what Inn Ministries has accomplished, but look what God has accomplished. Look at the new blessing He used us to give!

Are you thankful today? Will you look for something to give God glory today and proclaim His greatness? I will be looking, and I will be thankful!